KnFmusic – Lele (Right Way) (Official Video)

KnFmusic finally released a music video for their previously posted track – Lele (Right Way).

The video which was shot in “Nzelezu” tells the story of a man struggling to make ends meet as he finds ways to acquire the money he needs to survive. “Nzelezu” in its entire is also shown through aerial shots as KnFmusic performs on the country side.

Two contemporary dancers gracefully display a splendid rendition of expressive dancing which fuses with the lyrics in the music.

The story then ends with the man now old, surrounded by his family, remembering his youth and how he acquired the bracelet he had during the whole video.

Directed by Benny Phame.

[youtube id=”JUpLvS9q3dM” width=”600″ height=”350″]



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