Kasina – Kimbude (Official Video)


In a male dominated industry, female musicians, especially from up North, who sing in a not too widespread language can only be encouraged and fully supported.

Kasina, an Afro-Pop act, drops her brand new single ‘Kimbude’. Simply translated as opened, the song essentially seeks to address the canker of nudity. The opening lines talk about how ladies should use proper and acceptable ways of getting what they want, rather than using nudity/sex to attract and win favours from men and society at large.

With a husky but soothing voice, Kasina, aptly rides the beats, hitting, appropriately the needed high and low notes to send the song to a crescendo. Having won an award at the Rookie Awards organized by teamnolongage.gh in Kumasi last year, she believes the tone is set for winning more music laurels and her new single ‘Kimbude’ will only be an opener to more things to come.

You can watch the video for ‘Kimbude’ over here.



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