Juliet Ibrahim creates awareness for kidney cancer through music

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation

Juliet Ibrahim Foundation Actress, Juliet Ibrahim has launched the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization focused on creating awareness on kidney cancer and providing necessary interventions to ensure a society free of the condition within Ghana and Africa at large.

“Never let fear determine or guide you in your choices. There is more to this universe than we know. Hope can change everything by having and maintaining a positive attitude. Embrace divine healing in your body through prayer and meditation along with your treatments. Anything is possible!” -Kim Goldman

Kidney Cancer Awareness Song (Prod by Guilty Beatz & Sammie Blacc)

Millions of people are being diagnosed of Kidney cancer everyday and it is a terrible shock to know that. Most people
cannot comprehend what the physician is saying, but the underlying tone is that this may mean the end of your life. Or at the very least, it will mean the end of your life as you had known it. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to!
Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is a non- profiting organization that seeks to help people with with kidney cancer. We provide both financial and medical support to people living with this conditions especially those cannot cope with the expenses and cost for the management of the cancer.

Above all we provide emotional support to people who think that life is over with cancer. Life can be better with the appropriate support and aid.

On behalf of the board, I welcome you to our site. Feel free to read and download all you need to know about this condition and help us support this good cause and make the world a better place.

Juliet Ibrahim


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