J’Re My – Ma wie (Agyei)

J'Re My
J’Re My is a multi talented artist who replicated his growing success in fashion design into his passion for music. After putting his musical ambitions on hold for few years, the contemporary and urban singer has returned to the music scene with the release of his debut ‘Me wie’ which is to become the main song on his LP Promo album. Other Promo songs includes Me ne Kofabae, Coz ov You, Bhim feat. Gaeta and Hw3 woho yie.

J’ Re My – Ma wie (Agyei)

J’ Re My – Me ne kofabae

J’ Re My – Coz ov you

J’Re My – bHim ft Geata (Mixed by Jays Beatz)

J’ Re My – Hwe woho yie

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