iTz Tiffany wants to work with Mary J Blige

iTz Tiffany

iTz Tiffany Ghanaian female rapper, Tiffany (now known as Itz Tiffany), who recently returned from touring with VIP in the US, has revealed that her inspiration for going into music came from the ‘Queen of Hip-hop and Soul’, Mary J Blige.

When the host of Friday morning’s TV3 Spotlight, Iso Paley asked whether she met with any US acts while in the States, Tiffany said she didn’t meet anyone but when asked if she would like to work with any US artist, she said Mary J Blige would be her pick. She said the Grammy winner inspired her to go into music because over the years, Mary J Blige has churned out good music and her style is very dynamic. Itz Tiffany said she had also learnt a lot from Mary J Blige’s personal life because she learns from her past mistakes.

On the local front, Itz Tiffany revealed that her icon is Akosua Agyapong. She also talked about rebranding, working with artists from Nigeria and South Africa among others.

Source: AmeyawDebrah.Com

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