Interview with Coptic: US based Ghanaian born Producer Coptic is set to release his next Project


For those that don’t know, Coptic is from Akuapim and has been fortunate to produce records for some of the best artists of our time including The Notorious BIG, Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, Trey Songz, Usher and others.

He has also produced music for feature films in US and was tapped by apparel giant Nike to produce the music for their American football apparel campaign.

He took time off his busy schedule of producing/mixing and mastering to talk to us about the details of the project.

Why the title “The Rising Stars of GH”?

Well because these artists are all rising, some are already at their apex when it comes to GH but still rising when it comes to the international level.

This compilation spotlights their talent on that level.

It also gives upcoming and new artists the opportunity to be featured on a song and album with established stars from GH, something they might find difficult to do on their own.

How does the compilation help in spotlighting them on that level?

My record label The Black Star Line has contracts with promotional companies in the United States and with their help, we are able to get the music to as much DJ’s and fans as possible.

This exposes the artist’s talent to elements that they normally have no contact with.

Congrats on the previous releases of volume 1 & 2, what makes volume 3 different?

Volume 3 is different from the others not only in music but in approach. On the first 2, I concentrated on exposing mostly upcoming acts who had a small or minor imprint on the industry.

This time around, the focus is more on the best of the best from GH.

How difficult is it to get the established artists in GH to become part of the project?

First off, I am pretty cool with most of them. But it’s still not easy because they usually have their own schedules and plans.

Manifest for example is touring Europe now and I am still hunting him down for a song for the project. I try to be as patient and understanding as possible and work with those that are available.

Saying that, it’s still impossible to get everyone I envisioned.

Thanks all the artists that took their time to record for the compilation.

I see that you are re-branding Coptic Presents… The Rising Stars of GH as a compilation album, instead of “Mixtape”, please tell us why.

I realized that with all the effort and work put into it, it should be presented as such instead of a mere mixtape. Nothing wrong with a mixtape but this always turns out to be more than that.

I know that you are working on other GH artists projects, can you talk about some?

My label is in agreement with a few established GH artists to help with their production/distribution and promotion of their upcoming albums.

Kwaw Kese’s FOREVER album should be dropping end of this year, I produced about half of that.

Jayso’s solo album should be dropping next year; I also produced about half of that.

I am also working on the new signee to the Label, Trey LA to produce his next mixtape. His current mixtape “The Introduction” is available for Free Download now.

The Black Star Line & Bless Da Mic produced a concert last year based on that year’s current mixtape, how difficult was that and do you have plans on doing more?

With the help of Bless Da Mic it was easy, big up to my dude PY for all the help.

We are planning on more concerts in the future; it just has to be on the right level.

Tell us about some of the songs or artists that have recorded so far for Vol III.

Artists like Sarkodie, Kwaw Kese, Jayso, Edem, Jon Germain, Ko-Jo Cue & D-Black have already recorded for the project, there is a lot more to come.

What do you see as the biggest obstacle for GH musicians now?

The main one to me is proper distribution of royalties and publishing payments. I know this is something that every GH musician thinks about. The money involved is so much that I think we need to take it a lot more seriously.

This is money that can go towards making better albums/videos and aid in marketing/promotions. There is no way that Ghana; a nation of Laws should turn a blind eye to the criminal theft of musician’s rightful compensation for their work.

Yes criminal cause someone is spending the money musicians are supposed to be receiving.

This could easily be a whole different interview.

When are we going to see you again in Ghana?

I will be there early 2015, need to handle a few business moves out there.

Coptic Presents… The Rising Stars of GH Vol III December 25, 2014



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