I don’t do drugs, Efya tells critics

Efya Awindor

Efya Awindor After the death of sensational musician and actress Whitney Houston linked to what is alleged to be her long battle with drugs, there have been debates on drug use by showbiz personalities especially in Ghana.

One personality who has fallen victim to allegations of drug use is songstress Efya. In the midst of her abundant talent, Efya has been under the radar for speculations that she is into hard drugs and stands the risk of killing her career if nothing is done.

The songstress, born Jane Awindor, refuted the allegations in an interview with Hitz Entertainment News Monday. “I don’t use narcotics before my performance, after my performance, through my performance and during the day. I don’t do drugs, me, my name is E-F-Y-A and I do not do drugs,” she stressed.

“I don’t know why people say I do drugs, nobody out there who has said that I do drugs has ever seen me do it. I can swear down and tell you that because I don’t do drugs. I smoke cigarettes, I do that you see me doing it when I’m out it’s my thing but nobody can judge me on that but the thing is I don’t do drugs,” Efya lamented.

The Little Things singer however wondered why people easily link her to drugs, cautioning accusers not to judge her by her looks. “…I don’t understand why people assume that I do it. What do I do that shows that I do drugs? People say because I am skinny but if you ask anybody who’s known me since I was small, I am a very smallish person …”

Allegations of her drug use are not new to her. According to Efya, it started from her days in the University – she completed in 2010: “I have heard this; I have heard it over and over since the University but the thing is nobody has ever come out with any kind of solid evidence that I do drugs.”

She warned persons peddling such rumours to desist from the practice, assuring them that they will never get any evidence to that effect. “They are never going catch me doing it because I don’t do it,” she stressed.

Although the drugs tag bothers her, she said she is determined to press on with her career and advised critics to let her be. Efya promised that she is concentrating on her music and will continue to do good music.

“You get to this level and people want to say anything they want to say about you but what you do is you don’t let it bring you down you just keep going higher and that’s what I keep saying … I am not going to let you down, I am not going to ever do drugs and I am going to be the biggest thing that has ever happened to Ghana,” she assured her fans.

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