“I am Not a TiGO brand” – Jon Germain

Jon Germain

Jon Germain

It has been a norm for people to associate public figures with the brands they are associated with. It is even more prevalent in the media world where presenters of programs have been hugely linked to the title sponsor of the show or program.

For most people the insinuation has worked out deals and put money in their pockets but for others same cannot be said. This was revealed in a recent interview with Jon Germain.

In response to the question put out by our writer Quame Junior, in relation to his connection to the head sponsor of his premium entertainment show Allo Tigo, Jon was quick to deny and avert the notion that he was a TiGO brand.

In his own words “I think it is high time people get this straight, I am not a TiGO brand or ambassador. I just present a show that has Tigo as the title sponsor”.

Speaking about his nomination at the upcoming Channel O Music Video Awards, the ace presenter expressed his excitement and profound gratitude to his fans and everybody who has been supportive of his dream and has seen him through to this stage.

“It is awesome to know that people appreciate and recognize your work and for me that is an accomplishment. I thank God and everybody who has seen me through and I hope I can swipe the award home” he concluded. So the next time you see Jon drive by just remember that he is NOT a TiGO brand.



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