FOKN Bois meet Budapest’s Irie Maffia


Fokn Bois

After running around Accra because of money, the FOKN Bois made up Wanlov the Kubolor and M3nsa, recently left the shores of Ghana to Budapest, Hungary on a quest to find the finest duna (female buttocks).

They were ‘kidnapped’, upon arrival, by the infamous Irie Maffia, a notorious Hungarian band formed in 2005, made up of musicians, singers, songwriters, deejays, producers and rappers for a hot studio session in the nippy Buda hills close to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s home.

Do I think Ruff & Smooth deserved to be nominated? Yes! Do I think Bless deserved to be nominated for Highlife Song of The Year? Yes! Do I think Bless did enough to be nominated for Discovery of the Year? Well, No! For me, I thought even Ako Nana would have rounded up that category much better. Anyway, Just like the PR for the awards said, the GMAs is a people’s choice awards and though many songs and artistes came up for nominations, in the end it was only the few that impressed the members of the various committees most that made their cut.

In just five days, FOKN Bois were forced to do four gigs back to back and also record eight tracks – “It was sleepless hell,” the duo said.

They only managed to make their get-away from this ‘hell’ when producer, Elo Marton, let his guard slip after being distracted by singer/songwriter Sena’s duna as she sauntered by.

Now, the eight tracks are out and sound so good that the FOKN Bois have forgiven Irie Maffia for the harsh conditions they were subjected to. In their words; “We see demma Maffia side, but now everything be Irie,” FOKN Bois said.

The FOKN Dunaquest in Budapest according to the duo, was a “sonic Hiphop/Dance/Afropop adventure from Budapest to Bucharest, Brenham to Boston and Bolgatanga to Bubuashie! Eastern Europe meets West Africa…apio meets palinka. Ha!!!” In May 2010, the duo premiered their award winning movie, Cos ov Moni which also happens to be the world’s first pidgin musical. Aside making several international film festival appearances, the movie also made an exclusive appearance on BBC Network Africa in October 2010.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah



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