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Flint Jeez

Flint Jeez
Flint Jeez can be described as a down to earth and talented guy with a bright side of life. He was born on the December 31st in 1986. Flint Jeez has had a passion for music since he was a kid and has always wanted to do music. Flint Jeez is an Independent music icon but works alongside his music partner, Dilagheto. Flint Jeez is versatile in his music through his rap, singing and ragga. He is a student at NIIT and hopes to become an IT expert in future.

Flint Jeez has featured in a couple of songs like “So n3”, which was done by three music icons thus “Flint Jeez”, “Oil Money” and “Bee Broni,” who happens to be Flint’s older brother from the same parent. Flint Jeez has two singles out; Hotter girl & Girl you know with a mix tape titled the Versatility of Flint Jeez. Flint Jeez is a very affable person who loves all his fans and promise to bring out the best. Flint Jeez is working on a new singles which is expected to drop early next year in January.


Flint Jeez – Girl you know (Prod by Da Beats Fitta)

Flint Jeez – Hotter Girls (Prod by Timmy Beats)

Flint Jeez – Versatility of Flint Jeex (Mixed by Timmy Beatz)



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