Dr Cryme rated Most Bankable Young Artiste 2011 by GH Review Newspaper

Dr Cryme

Dr Cryme Dr Cryme has been rated the most bankable young artiste for 2011 by the GH Review newspaper. 2011 was very good for the young rapper who won the Golden Heart Award in UK and the Most Influential Artiste at the High School Honours.

The rapper has been very quiet since December due to ailment which made his management call off various performances and endorsements. Dr Cryme is currently a Samsung brand Ambassador in Ghana, and he was recently appointed the official Manager of the new E-Jam Records sister company, Twipop Records due to his high net worth and good plan implementation.

His manager and CEO of E-Jam Records, Korsah-Brown emphasized that celebrities should not confuse branding with swag but should leverage on good corporate associations to boost their branding. He added that though Dr Cryme just released his first album, his branding has made him more popular than the pace of his music. He also debunked rumours that Dr Cryme’s Europe tour has been cancelled and added that the management team is considering countries to be toured within two weeks to avoid the artiste being out of the system for a long time.

Mr. Korsah-Brown confirmed that Dr Cryme’s album is available on iTunes, Silverbird shops, Big Ben music shops and various music outlets around the world. The Record label plans to shoot his ‘More Fans’ video in February this year. The video will involve Dr Cryme’s fans all over the world, and details will be released soon.

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