Dee Moneey parts ways with D-Black

Dee Money

Dee Money After one year of making hiphop music together, Desmond Amoah aka Dee Moneey have parted ways with D-Black. GhanaMotion.Com is yet to find out what Dee Moneey is attributing his exit to.

According to our source, Dee Moneey quit Black Avenue Muzik because of bad business deals within themselves but D-Black said the split was completely amicable.

The drama began last year, a few voices raised concern about why Dee Moneey was not included in D-Black’s final ‘Yes Boss Tour’ at the International Conference Center on the 30th December, 2011. Twitter has also been flooded with Dee Moneey’s departure.

Dee Moneey is set to release his new single titled, ‘Ding Dong’ today, January 19. Let’s wait and see if the single will be under D-Black’s record label

More details on Dee Moneey’s departure from D-Black’s ‘Black Avenue Muzik’ record label and future plans will be reported on GhanaMotion.Com.

Source: GhanaMusic.Com



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