Deborah Vanessa’s Uncle Obama song gets the world talking

Deborah Vanessa

Deborah Vanessa While the world continues to discuss Wednesday night’s big debate featuring President Obama and Romney, Ghanaian model and TV host turned singer, Deborah Vanessa alias Sister Deborahis causing some stir of her own globally with her video for her single, ‘Uncle Obama’. Since the video was posted on her YouTube channel over the weekend, it has hit over 100,000 views and counting with several thousands of hits on other channels aside the official one.

In addition to the viral nature on YouTube, the video has several blogs and websites around the world talking about it. From talks about the meaning of the song to Deborah’s relation to the American presidents, it seems the singer has managed to kick start her own ‘Big Debate.’ said it was pretty sure this Ghanaian uncle Obama song contains the maximum amount of sexual innuendo possible” Wait…so this jawn isn’t about the election? Uncle Obama’s banana isn’t a metaphor for universal healthcare and the monkey doesn’t stand for the millions of uninsured people in America? It’s just about penises? Well shit. Consider my worldview shattered.” featured it in its ‘Daily Huh?’ and wrote: “You have to admit, today’s Daily Huh? video is catchy. Sing it, “Uncle Obama’s ba-na-na!” Feast your eyes on the colorful spectacle that is Sister Deborah singing “Uncle Obama” featuring FOKN Bois. If you take a single thing away from this music video, make sure it’s that giving Sister Deborah’s monkey Uncle Obama’s banana will make him so very happy.”

Eric Dondero of wrote that Ghana goes Ga Ga for Uncle Obama and said: “A great many African immigrants have received citizenship and voting rights under the Obama administration in the last four years. Northern Virginia, in particular is home to recent immigrants from Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, and Ghana. Is it any coincidence that this “Obama Girl” style video comes out a few weeks before the election?” wrote that the singer’s ‘Uncle Obama’ music video is quite the disturbing show. “Four year ago there was “Obama Girl” and this election doesn’t disappoint with “Obama’s niece’s” disturbing yet strangely hot music video.A young Ghanaian woman calling herself Sister Deborah, can be seen in the above musical début, singing the praises of “Uncle Obama’s banana” that she would love to give to her “monkey.Apparently the president is unaware of this niece but she seems to be very aware of him. wrote, “President Barack Obama, your long-lost Ghanaian niece Sister Deborah really loves you. So much so that she penned a song in your honor, with some visuals to match.” wrote: “Uncle Obama Song Is One Big Penis Euphemism. Sample lyric from Sister Deborah’s dancehall jam out of Ghana: “Uncle Obama, I like the size of your banana. Can I give it to my monkey? It will be so very happy!” wrote: “This ‘Uncle Obama’ Song Out of Ghana Is All About Dongs. Could Sister Deborah, a dancehall performer out of Ghana, have written the song of the 2012 U.S. election cycle? Sure, why not? Oh, here’s why not — it’s all about penises.”

Source: AmeyawDebrah.Com

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