Danny Nettey, Friends celebrate God’s greatness

Danny Nettey

God must have descended the heavens into the Adae-kese Hall of La-Palm Royal Beach Hotel in Accra Saturday evening, where a great number of His faithful gathered under the ministrations of some of the most

powerful musical voices, led by Danny Nettey, to give Him praise for His goodness.

The outpouring of benedictions, sermons, exhortations and praises rendered in songs, coupled with the refined performances by the classy array of musicians, was enough to create a church atmosphere as many shed tears of joy – overwhelmed by the atmosphere. Tsatsu and Esther

The occasion was the 2010 edition of the annual Christmas with Danny Nettey and Friends celebrated under the theme ‘Unlimited Favour’, where the grateful gathered to sing of God’s praises for all his blessings.

The Soul Winners, Kwasi Oteng and The Merciful Jets, Rev Mrs Helen Yawson of KICC, Eugene Zuta, Uche Agwu, Koda, Nii Okai and Danny Nettey were all powerful in their messages, songs and voices, and patrons were obviously in love with what they received, gauging by their responses and indulgence.

Sponsored by the Strattcomm, Stratoil and the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation, the inspirational occasion also celebrated and prayed for Ghana’s freshest national resource, oil, with the hope it becomes a blessing.

Lord I Surrender; King of Glory; I want to be more like you; My life is not my own; I give Myself to You and a host of other songs came from Danny Nettey, whose rich voice and effortless acts added to the soothing allure for the soul.

And if Helen Yawson was powerful in her songs (and she could have gone on and on and on), she was equally powerful in prayer – that God will continue manifest in the affairs of His people, and bless their works, and heal their sickness and suffering.

And so captivating was Eugene Zuta – whose singing of Famey? (Lord use me according to your will), convinced Uche Agwu that Ghana has a lot of rich gospel advocates for the international stage, as he himself got the ‘flock’ to boogie along in his songs and others he performed in Twi.

Nii Okai was his delicate self as he poured out Gye makoma (Take my heart) and Moko be (There’s none like You), just as the duo of Ransford Abossey of Joy FM and Henry Agbai of Radio Gold as comperes were refreshing.

Source: Joy Online



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