C.T – I’ll Be There (Feat. Kueiqu) (Prod. By Jaylush)

C.T - I'll Be There

C.T the General drops once again drops yet another rare yet deep and thoughtful tune that will take your mind to a very important yet ignored issue and he calls it I’LL BE THERE which features the talented singer and choreographer  Kueiqu and produced by Jaylush, it’s clearly a Limelyte Music thing.

This is what he had to say concerning the song; “often times we choose to rain praises on the girl of our dreams and make them know how important they are to us which is perfectly in place, but we often times forget the girl who helps grow our dream and keep us determined even when those we thought were the right ones but were not just come and go, so I decided to just write this song using my own experience to shine the light on that. I’LL BE THERE is a song I made specially to celebrate my best female friend and at the same time to celebrate all the female friends who stand by we the men through thick and thin. This song is to the ladies who lay the bed for us but don’t lay with us, who welcome us with open arms not legs, who  help us make the money and don’t put their budget on it, who heal our hearts when love falls in and out on us, who chase away the gold digging girls and point out the snake guys around us, who will go where jealousy wont take our girlfriends/wives to, who will handle our business the way a another man can’t, who train us on how to love, rule and rock a lady’s world, this song is to celebrate the kind of lady fit to step in the shoes of a best man if you know what I mean.”

Well I’m sure your thoughts have been provoked as much as mine has so why not download and hear him celebrate his as you get motivated to celebrate yours.

C.T – I’ll Be There (Feat. Kueiqu) (Prod. By Jaylush)



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