Black Kat Gh – Wo Ye Real ft. FlowKing Stone (Official Video)

The vibrant twice Ghana Music Awards UK 2019 Nominee is back with  afrobeats fire. Black Kat Gh is one of the UK and Ghana’s hottest Artiste, blending his rap game into multiple  genres. Roots Rock Reggae, Grime, Hilife,Hiplife, Urban and Dancehall are just some of the genres he has used to create this unique musicology . His Self Fulfilling Prophecy Album has produced many underground hits and cult followers.  By combining natural sounding African/Fusion blend his classic afrobeats vocals with a contemporary western sound, Black Kat Gh  is making his music accessible to listeners of all backgrounds. Now, Black Kat Gh is on fire with his latest infectious single ‘#Woy3Real  which features the extraordinary talent of Flowking Stone who is a legend in the game, now you can watch the video for below:



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