Ayigbe Edem wants to be called ‘Edem’



Celebrated hiplife artiste, Ayigbe Edem who is famous for rapping in Ewe says he now wants to be known only as Edem; he’s dropped the Ayigbe.

Ayigbe has been part of the unique trademark of the artiste since he came into the limelight in 2008 with his hit maiden album, Volta Regime, which had some popular songs like Bra Fre Me and Nyonuviade.

Explaining why he had decided to be identified by just a single name, Ayigbe Edem, who was a guest on Ofiekwanso on Adom FM Monday, told host Dr. Dr. Asanka that he felt the name had served the purpose for which it was meant.

“I realized that most of my tribesmen felt insulted or offended when they were called “Ayigbeni” or Voltarian and I felt the need to erase those negative sentiments so I chose to use Ayigbe to show that I am a proud Voltarian,” he said.

Ayigbe is used to refer to Ewes who occupy the most part of the Volta Region and is sometimes used derogatorily.

But Ayigbe Edem said he believed he had succeeded in making the term connote something positive for his people hence his dropping it now. “I can confidently say that I have been able to accomplish my aim of making my tribesmen proud to be called ‘Ayigbeni’” he said.

He also disclosed that his second and much anticipated album, Mass Production, will be launched on October 29 at the Accra Mall which will be followed by a massive after party at the Glenns Nite Club in Adabraka. Already songs from that album like Too Much are enjoying considerable airplay.

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