In an era when the Ghanaian music scene has been crying out for a flamboyant artiste with the talent and personality to keep tongues wagging and scores of crowds entertained, enters ASEM.

Nana Wiafe Asante Mensah – otherwise known as ASEM – is the star whose music is making waves at the length and breath of the country even before its official release.

ASEM is the youngest of five boys to his parents. It was while sneaking into his family boys’ quarters to bond with his brothers as they listened to hip-hop music that he developed a strong passion for music. It was in those surroundings that his desire to grow up to be a master entertainer and lyricist soared to its apogee. This explains his ability to put together mind-boggling lyrics laced with humorous punch lines and gasping metaphors.

Despite picking up the love for music at an early age, it was in St. Peter’s Senior High School that he nurtured his talent.

He found himself in an environment filled with people who shared in his dream to be a star in the entertainment industry, specifically by engaging themselves in the genres of hip-life and hip-hop. Together with these promising rappers he formed a group which they tagged the ‘Frontliners.’ They planned to record an album but this plan fell through once they went their separate ways to further their education. Due to his resilience and will to succeed in show business ASEM kept at it, attempting to build a successful career while sticking to his plan of entering an institution of higher learning, that is, the Ghana Institute of Journalism.

With the help of Richie, who was then scouting for talent to add to the music empire he was trying to build, ASEM rediscovered himself and turned out a whole new style as the newest and hottest artiste with Lynx Entertainment. In working with Richie, who is a singer, producer, sound engineer and CEO of Lynx Entertainment, ASEM has evolved – creating his own brand of Ghanaian music and in the process carved a niche for himself as an artiste who comes up the pleasantly unexpected.

The talented son of Kwawu Atibie in the Eastern Region of Ghana aims to go beyond the shores of the African continent with his unique style of music. His inspiration comes from his admiration for artistes such as K.K. Kabobo, Reggie Rockstone, Kris Kross and Ludacris and it is the versatile mix of creativity and flexibility provided by these artistes that gives ASEM his unique approach to music. So as he drops his first album after having teased Ghanaians with songs such as ‘Give Me Blow’ and ‘Pigaro’, the obvious prediction is sooner rather than later, this talented young man will have the whole world singing to his tempo.


Asem – 2010 Fylla

Asem – Medie (2007)

Asem – Obaa Hemaa (2007)

Asem – Manager (2008)

Asem – Pigaro (2008)

Asem – Gimme blow remix (2008)

Asem – Gimme blow ft. Tinny (2008)



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