ASEM to drop new single Adole, Tuesday September 11th


ASEM After the release and huge success of his sophomore Solid Ground, one would think or assume the Bye Bye hit maker will get complacent and relax with his efforts but the Award winning rap artist ASEM, is about to run radio again with yet another classic ‘ADOLE’

 The song which is a fusion of Afro Gome (Ga traditional instrument) electro and funk centres around the appraisal of a rare African beauty named’ ADOLE’.

ASEM as usual exhibits lyrical dexterity with vivid graphic lyrics that one easily pictures with their minds eye to describe the qualities of this true Ghanaian beauty. One can call it ASEM’S winning combination and just like he did with Bye Bye( kwabena kwabena ) and Dear John ( Pat Thomas ) the award winning rapper once again sought the help of melodious silky voiced award winning highlife crooner Quabena Maphia to tell the ‘ADOLE’ story, and the ‘I GO PAY’ hit maker did justice to it making the song another classic coming from the WBDN camp.

The song which was produced by the talented Genius Selection, like the twin towers (no mockery of US tragedy intended) will drop on radio stations and social media on 9/11 (11th september ). When asked why he chose that date as his release date ASEM smiled and said ‘ADOLE’S’ beauty is as perfect as 9×11, 99% she’s just 1% away from 100%. He laughed after saying this.

The handsome fluent rapper  also added he chose the name ‘ADOLE’ in honour of all the true beautiful Ga/Ghanaian/African women who were forced into puberty rites and the ones who are still going through this harsh treatment in the name of tradition. Make sure you are glued to your radio set on tuesday 9/11 (11 September) and catch the first time airplay of ‘ADOLE’.

Source: Wobedantem Records

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