ASEM Rocks X-Factor Stage

asem-x-factor-performanceGhanaian International Rap Superstar ASEM gave an electrifying performance as in Lagos to thrill fans who watched from Dreams Studio and the millions of people across Africa who watched on television.

ASEM had the crowd singing along to his popular hit banger “Wasted” with ease as they caught on to the global relatable theme of the song .

Spotted in a white jacket, blue baseball cap over blue trousers matched with blue snickers, Asem’s boyish looks beamed right through the X factor cameras and his charm mixed with sense of humor won the audience more after his performance when he got into an interview with show host Toolz.

Currently about to release his third Album which is titled Tough Times Don’t Last, new singles BIG JOHNNY and NIGHTMARE will be released in October.

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Source: ASEM Music



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