Alo Obra – Nagode (Ya Allah)(Official Video)

[youtube id=”CmxK8sSlrig” width=”600″ height=”350″]

Alo Klan Entertainment presents the latest video release by AloObra entitled “Nagode” (Ya Allah), directed by Bliss Drums. The artist lives and works in Tema and appears regularly at the Vienna City club there. In celebration of the Ramadan season, the artist decided to use this song to praise Allah for his mercy and protection since day one. Said AloObra, “there are many tragedies that occur throughout the world, not to mention the recent flood and fire that took many lives in Accra, and other people who die due to unfortunate situations. It would be very ungrateful of us not to give thanks to the Almighty for his blessings.”


While AloObra is perhaps best known as a rapper (“StandWell”), this video features his lyrical side and shows his growth as an artist. Bliss Drums does an excellent job of editing the footage, all filmed locally in Tema, to reflect the mood of the song.



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