Akosua Agyepong vows to let Efya quit smoking

Akosua Agyepong

Akosua Agyepong Legendary songstress and dancer Akosua Agyepong has taken a swipe at musician Efya’s smoking habits vowing to let her quit smoking to save her image and that of her career.

Akosua Agyepong was speaking on XFM after Efya disclosed in an interview with Hitz Entertainment News that contrary to speculations, she does not do drugs but only smokes cigarette.

In that interview Efya said, “I don’t know why people say I do drugs, nobody out there who has said that I do drugs has ever seen me do it. I can swear now and tell you that because I don’t do drugs. I smoke cigarettes, I do that you see me doing it when I’m out it’s my thing but nobody can judge me on that but the thing is I don’t do drugs.”

But Akosua, who was not impressed with Efya’s comments, vowed that, “If Efya says she doesn’t take in drugs but she smokes, then she has a bone to pick with her because she is my small girl and I really have to stop her because for 22 years, nobody can tell me that Akosua I have even seen you drink, let alone smoke.”

While some have said Efya’s declaration was a bold move, Akosua who has enjoyed over two decades of an illustrious musical career said the habit “is not right,” stating, “It is good she came out and it is good that people like us have gotten to know about it because I am going to stop Efya from smoking and I know she is going to listen because she is a respectable young girl that I really adore and I really like.”

Bad Influence

Efya Awindor

According to Akosua who dazzled Ghanaians in the 1990s with her unique style of music such Frema, Me ye Obaa, Anan tuo, and a host of others, Efya’s smoking habits could and can be a bad influence unto her fans especially the young ones who may not see anything wrong with smoking.

“We are not going to ask Efya what do you smoke, do you smoke cigarette, do you smoke wee…? The young girl or the young boy that is Efya’s fan will say that at the end of the day my fan Efya even says she only smokes so why don’t I also try it?” She quizzed.

She advised that “some of our fans follow what we do. Somebody will say I will like to be like Aunty Akosua, she goes to my books and realise that Aunty Akosua chase men, Aunty Akosua likes money, Aunty Akosua drinks … ‘I want to be like Aunty Akosua’ … she thinks that if she does it she will be where I am.”

Akosua Agyepong cautioned that, “We should look at some of the things concerning us because if it us we have fans following us and some of them really sit down and read things about us,” and maybe tempted to imitate them.

Source: Ghana | Myjoyonline.com | Ernest Dela Aglanu



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