Harrison Raphael Bukari is a new hiplife artiste popularly known Adam. He is out with a new album titled “Fa Me Keke”.

He is from Western Region (Takoradi). Actually Adam never dreamt of becoming a musician. He was a footballer who had wanted to be an international player. He had friends who were musicians; he was always with them because he had the feelings that he could one day become a musician.

He got acquainted with the “G Sqaud”, who are young talented artistes who have thought it wise boost or contribute to the development of the Ghana music industry. Actually their motive is to record and release their artiste one after the other. They are more like brothers; they assist each other with writing songs, rehearsing and recording.

Titled, “Fa Me Keke”, the album was recorded at the Cool Entertainment Studio with Eddie Cool as the producer. He has got Eleven tracks on the C.D. and eight tracks on the Cassette. “Abe Dua, Serious, Sheila are few of the tracks.

Asked on who he looks up to in the music industry, he says “R Kelly is my mentor” but then I wish to see myself exploring in the music industry some few years to come. He believes that in every game there is a winner and a loser and so “If I happen to be with competitors, I will feel great and tap more of this or their expertise”.

Asked again on how he gets these lyrics, he said I look at situations around me and some experiences in life to write my songs.

He said, his family have been very supportive, they got scared and flabbergasted when they learnt Adam has come out with an album. It was because all along they thought “I was a footballer”.

Although most musicians in Ghana want to acquire the skills and style in the foreign artiste, it is Adam’s aim to be seen as a role model to everyone.

The album is already hitting out there even though it has not been launched. People find it so amazing when they listen to it. They call back to give him bravo. Harrison Raphael Bukari calls on his fans out there to get more of his copies to build him up financially if they really love him as they claim.

Harrison Raphael Bukari, the new artiste in town is surprisingly single but the ladies out there “DON’T THURR”.




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