Adam Idris Releases Love Reincarnation EP

After releasing series of music videos and singles on YouTube, Google play, Spotify and iTunes, British Singer-songwriter and Africa’s own son! Adam Idris has again released remarkable music EP (Love reincarnation).

This EP focuses around, solidarities with families, friends and people whom you close to as well as love and harmony. Love reincarnation EP consist of three tracks: Private play, oh la la and I feel alone. These tracks are kind of unique and distinctive, it has African, British and American’s R&B flavour into it. you can easy listen and vibe to these tracks no matter where you are around the globe. I think music lovers will surely relate to this type of music.

Adam Idris’s fan base has been grown extensively through out the last couple of months in the UK and worldwide. He’s also been featured in many household magazines such as Flavor mag and Grm Daily and in United States and United Kingdom.

On OH LA LA Track, Adam Idris combines his British African culture into something that we can all relate to, by telling us that families are key factor for success and happiness. As he mentioned on the song’s verse: he doesn’t like fame, money and chauvinistic life but he rather gives all his money away for folk who needs because money is just a tool it has been created to divide people into classes. Furthermore, the song’s chorus kind of intrigues me more, it made up of French words “OH LA LA“ and English words, which is I think it makes sense because it broadens the understanding of the song throughout Africa, Europe and worldwide.

On private play song! Adam Idris indicates profound love and admiration as he mentioned that he doesn’t like talking too much but doing things is much more his type of way. As he said on the verse he likes partying in the lobby, have a private time with his partner and so forth. The song’s Chorus is authentic, catchy and emotionally endearing. Adam Idris’s vocal is awe-inspiring and unique in its own. It kind of reminds me of no-one but Adam Idris himself. It is certainly distinctive, and everyone can relation to this song in one way or else. You can watch the music video below and get the song on Spotify, google play and iTunes.

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