Abrantie Amakye Dede

Dan Amakye Dede is one of Ghana’s premier highlife artistes and is affectionately called ‘Iron Boy’ and is also known as the highlife maestro. He is also affectionately called ‘Abrantie’ (Gentleman).

Amakye Dede began his career in 1973 when he joined the Kumapim Royals as a composer and vocalist. This band was led by the legendary highlife singer, Akwasi Ampofo Agyei (AAA) of blessed memory.

With them, they had hits like Abebi Bewua Eso, Wanware Me A, Odo Mani Agyina and the seminal Ohohoo Batani. He moved to Nigeria where he had his hit ‘Jealousy go shame’.

He then formed his own band, the Apollo High Kings, in 1980. He dominated the highlife scene in the 80’s, 90’s and continues to have hit songs in the 21st century.

He has almost 20 albums to his credit. In his later career, he experimented with different genres; soca, Cclypso, lovers rock and pop music.

He owns a very popular bar in Accra called Abrantee Spot, where he helps celebrate live-band music.

Some of his popular songs include Handkerchief, Seniwa, Brebrebe yi, Mensuro, Mabre, Broken Promises, Nsuo Amuna, Sokoo na mmaa pe, Kose kose, Dabi dabi, Mefre wo, Okyena sesei, Odo nfonii, Nka akyi, M’ani agyina, To be a man na war, etc




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