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4×4 is made up of Captain Planet and Abortion. Captain Planet’s real name is Sylvanus Dodji Jeoffrey. Abortion was christened Raphael Edem Avornyo.

The 4×4 crew was first made up of these two and Ronnie Coches and Bright Bling Sparkles, the latter two have been known as Buk Bak on the Ghana music scene.

Captain Planet is known to be the first person to rap in Akuapem and he also raps in Twi, Ga, Ewe, and Pidgin English.

Abortion, who is a ragga artiste, started rapping with a group called Kokorokoo which featured Ghana’s premier Akuapem rapper, Pope Skinnie. Captain Planet also started rapping in secondary school with a group called the Wu Clan. He was discovered by Buk Bak after featuring in programmes like Kiddafest.

Their debut album was Siklitele in 2003 which was a major success. They followed it with Contestant Number 1. Their 2007 album supposedly introduces crunk music into the Ghanaian music scene and has enjoyed major airplay on the back of tracks like HotGirls Dotcom.

Sylvanus aka Captain Planet is trained in Advanced Marketing while Raphael’s dream is to become an architect and was trained at ATTC.

Some of their popular songs are Kpekpele, Rekpete, Contestant #1, Odo fitaa, Hotgirls.com, etc


4 x 4 – Siklitele remix (2005) [Download]

4 x 4 – Contestant No.1 (2005) [Download]

4 x 4 – Odo Fitaa (2005) [Download]

4 x 4 – Hotgirls.com (2007) [Download]

4 x 4 – Insurance love (2007) [Download]

4 x 4 – Krokro no (2007) [Download]

4 x 4 – Hustler [Download]

4 x 4 – Hustler [Download]

4 x 4 – Shaka Zulu (Unofficial Remix) ft. Va [Download]



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