Who owns Yenko Nkoaa?

Eduwoji & Stay Jay

There is a raging controversy as to who really owns the popular tune, Yenko Nkoaa which by all standards is one of the hottest tunes produced in recent times.

The song, which easily goes with the ever popular azonto dance moves, fuses rich Ewe lyrics liaised with a stylish Twi flow producing a banger of a tune that will always draw many to the dance floor igniting an instant azonto craze.

For some time now, Eduwoji and Tema-based rapper Stay Jay who are both on the track are claiming ownership of the tune.

They have said on different platforms that they wrote the lyrics of the song and therefore own the rights to the song.

Born Raymond Eduwoji Gbedze, Eduwoji is reported to have accused Stay Jay, who has performed the song on several platforms, of breaching the contractual agreement barring Stay Jay from using the song and profiting from it thereof, without his (Eduwoji’s) consent.

Eduwoji alleged that he had made a one-off payment of GH¢1,500 to Stay Jay, known in real life as William Kojo Johnson, to just feature on it but Stay Jay claims he has every right to perform Yenko Nkoaa without Eduwoji because he is the original composer of the song.

Below is the video for the song. Watch the video carefully and share with us your comments and the answer to the question, who owns Yenko Nkoaa?

Source: Myjoyonline.com



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