VIP Member caught in an erotic position with Jasmine


Heavyweight hiplife trio – Vision In Progress (VIP)- has denied that one of its members, Prodigal, was last Friday caught in an erotic position with someone’s girlfriend at Zenith University College in Accra.

Reports say Prodigal, known in private life as Joseph Nana Ofori, was with the pretty-faced Jasmine Seyram Akortsu, winner of Face of Tertiary 2009, when her boyfriend banged into the room and started raising hell. The guy, whose name was simply given as Felix, was said to have got angry and physically assaulted Jasmine, while Prodigal tried to separate the two.

A source at the La District Police Station told ‘News One’ that the case was reported last Friday evening and both Felix and Jasmine were detained briefly.

Te police source added that though Prodigal’s name came up in the case, it could not be confirmed that he was dating Jasmine or that the two were caught in the erotic position. ‘News One’ gathered that after Felix assaulted Jasmine, he also seized her car keys to prevent her from leaving campus as he raised an alarm to gather more students to witness the scene.

He however gave the car keys to a friend who handed it over to Jasmine and just when she was about to drive out of the school, Felix was reported to have stood in front of the car, daring her to move. “It was like a Hollywood movie.

Jasmine moved the car with such speed that if the guy had had not jumped, he would have died. But he hanged on to the bonnet and she kept driving till she moved out of campus and turned left heading towards Formula 1 Race way while the guy was still hanging on to the bonnet. “What saved the situation was that there was a Police Checkpoint on the road and she was forced to stop.

So the two were taken to the police station and locked up,” a student eyewitness source told ‘News One’.

Duke Banson, the man in charge of VIP, has explained the circumstances under which prodigal was at Zenith College on Friday. He said Prodigal was no stranger to Zenith College University and that he had several friends and acquaintances there including Jasmine.

Duke however denied that Prodigal was in the school specifically because of Jasmine. He said VIP did not chase or fight over girls and that and that they had what it took to go in for any single girl.

The issue has become the main subject on the Zenith University College Face bookers Lounge, with various students posting comments either in favour of Jasmine or Felix.



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