Trey Songz promise Ghanaians will love him more after Vodafone 020 Live concert

Trey Songz & Ameyaw Debrah

US R&B star Trey Songz, the headline artist for the Vodafone 020 Live concert has hinted that he will give an exciting performance at Tuesday night’s event scheduled for the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre.

Trey Songz, who is so far excited about his stay in Ghana and the reception from his fans, said his Twitter and Facebook pages have been blowing up since the concert was announced and he is looking forward to seeing all of his fans on the night and has the following for his fans and concert-goers:

““I will give my heart out there. I know what this means to people, this doesn’t happen often to have Trey Songz in Ghana, this is the first time. My Twitter and Facebook have been blowing up with people who are excited about me coming. I think they should know that I am equally excited if not more, just to be here. It’s just such a beautiful thing for me, for something that began as a dream to take me so far and to be able to inspire others as well. There’s going to be real singing, there’s going to be a vibe, we going to catch a connection, I want to give you more reason to love the music that you love from me, I want you to understand me better and I want you to leave with a better appreciation for what I do as well.”

The singer, who was in South Africa in August for his first appearance in Africa, says he always feels welcome by Africans and that inspires him to do more music to make sure he continuously gives his fans in Africa and all over the world something to appreciate. He hinted that South African music group, Teargas which opened for him in South Africa have sent him a track that they would like to collaborate with him on. He hinted that he really likes the song and so that collaboration may soon be out. He also added that he is open to collaborate with other African artists as well.

According to Trey Songz, he is more than halfway through his next album, ‘Chapter 5’. He said he wants it to be his best album ever. “On this album, I’m just making music and seeing where it leads me. You can count on it to be good music, whether it will be all party songs or all ballads or whatever it is. You are going to love it and I will make sure of that”.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah



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