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Music they say is the food for the soul; to some artistes, it could be for the money they get out of music. Some, it’s a mere hobby they would love to do for a while and others because they feel it’s a talent but T Wizzle simply describe his love for music as his life. Listen to

Excuse me girl by T-wizzle featuring Tony Harmony & Ragoon [Download]

‘Everything I do has some element of music in it and it simply describes who I am and how I have been able to make music part of me. I perfected my hustle, music is my life’, he passionately commented. He is known in showbiz as the Swagger King. Fashionably inclined, he has gradually climbed the stairs of stardom with brevity and self-believe attitude that has made his career as a musician a success. In an industry where its takes the brave and strongest to survive, it is only natural that artistes produce good music or refuse to be noticed in the music industry. After successfully releasing hit after hit single, T-Wizzle has finally completed working on his album and is ready to explode not only in Ghana but the rest of the world.

With his few years into the music industry, he has been able to touch the hearts of quiet a number of fans who will show up in any gig he performs at and his songs constantly been loved by the fans. He has also made a lot of collaboration with some local and international artistes including the one he just did with one of Nigerian’s finest musician, Tony Harmony. He recounts the wonderful experience he had when Tony decided to feature on that song, ‘Excuse Me Girl.” It was so heart warming when Tony Harmony entered the studio at the time of recording the song. After hearing the beat for a moment he fell in love with it and said he would love to do something on the track. I was so overwhelmed as an artiste because for highly profiled musicians like Tony Harmony to like what you do and even accept to do something with you is simply fulfilling and that shows how far am getting as an artiste’.

T-Wizzle has been the talk of town for his style of dressing and way of treating his fans who he believes are the very people that makes him what he is, ‘without my fans, I am no one and that’s why I hustle so much to give them what they want anytime I get to the studio. They are the reason’ he added. He has performed on many shows both in Accra and outside Accra. He recently came back from a performance in Nigeria and will be traveling out of the country for another show which he is yet to announce. He has also graced shows like the Trade fair all stars show, Kwahu Easter bash, Aboakyir festival,6th March All star Show and the recent show in Elimina.

His is currently working on his album launch very soon and has promised his fans nothing but the best they have ever had. He is known in real life as Matthew Anning and is very grateful to his mum and dad for supporting him up to this far. One thing he will never forget is his fans of facebook and he says he owes them a lot

T-wizzle’s Playlist

T-wizzle – Show tyme ft. Young Boyz [Download]

T-wizzle – Akum Baby ft. Quata [Download]

T-wizzle – Excuse me girl ft. Tony Harmony & Ragoon [Download]

T-wizzle – Wukele ft. Shegee, J-Black & Guru [Download]

T-wizzle – Hold Yuh Remix [Download]

T-wizzle – Swagger Up ft. Quata [Download]



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