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After the controversies that bordered the hit song ‘The Game’ which led to the release of a ‘diss’ song ‘Kasiebo’ from Obrafour, Obour has announced on different platforms his opinion about the song and has continuously said he has nothing against Obrafour. ‘The Game’, which expressed the decline nature of hiplife and the need to revive the situation featured the rap doctor, Okyeame Kwame and the ever serenading sound engineer and singer, Richie. The song after its release received several criticisms from other musicians who thought hiplife was not dead. Obour who was the brain behind the song was highly criticized by section of musicians as well.

In an interview on one of Ghana’s hottest shows Kasahare with Dr. Duncan on Xfm, Obour addressed a couple of issues concerning the ‘Kasiebo’ song and his relationship with Obrafour before and after Obrafour’s supposed ‘diss’ song. He was still on the opinion that he has no beef with Obrafour and that they are still friends in the music industry.

‘I have nothing against Obrafour, we are just as we were before’. He thinks Obrafour could have done a nice song without trying to bring in anybody’s name or music to ridicule. He said Obrafour was wrong on the aspect where he vividly used his song, ‘Atupa Jenjen’ in his music and also depicting a scene in his ‘Kasiebo’ video which saw a woman quaking her waist to suggest a different perception about his song.

However, when he was given the ‘Kasiebo’ beat by Obrafour to rap along which is a common segment for every artiste who passes through the show, Obour refused to rap with the beat saying it is not a comfortable beat for him. ‘The beat pierces my ears even though it is a nice song’. He rather preferred to rap with a beat from the hit song, ‘swagger’ by Ruff and Smooth.

Obour also spoke vehemently on the influx of Nigerian songs which seems to be dominating every radio station in Ghana and expressed the situation as an unhealthy competition for the industry. ‘Presenters have taken so much interest in playing songs from different countries especially Nigeria and I think it is an unhealthy competition for the industry’, he lamented. Obour however said he is not against the playing of songs from Nigeria but entreated that maximum recognition be given to Ghanaian songs as well.

Speaking on the music industry, he commented on the fact that payola has reduced somehow and that is a good sign that the industry is getting better. He used his last words to urge all Ghanaian musicians to see each other as brothers and sisters rather than bickering. He says whether you are signed artistes by any communication network, they are all one people with a common goal to improve the industry.

Obour who says he came into the music industry as a hungry man for identity, recognition and fame believes he has so far achieved that purpose. Obour has won several awards over the period of his existence in the music industry. The awards include artistes of the year, discovery of the year, hiplife song of the year and several others which counts his awards to ten and over all at the Ghana Music Awards.

He is currently embarking on an Educational Project and will be commissioning his Bongo Library project soon. He has embarked on several social projects which has benefited societies and also embarked on meaningful campaigns on peace and stability for the nation. He is noted for his unique style of rapping in the Akan language especially his dexterity in the use of the Akan proverbs.



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