Jay Q fights Buk Bak

Jay Q Jay Q a renowned recording engineer who was behind most of Buk Bak’s songs, is back in action almost at this same time that the the group have also registered their comeback after a hiatus and split. However Jay Q is not recording Buk Bak’s songs this time around.

An informant reported to us that there is an issue between Jay Q and the hiplife duo even though he has been instrumental in the re-emerging of Buk Bak.

He also added that it got to a time when Jay Q moved from Ghana to U.S.A with the aim of going to solve the problems between the group and after the problems were solved, they clandestinely recorded some songs together, without Jay Q’s knowledge. Just to hear some few months later that the group were on Peace FM thanking him (Jay Q).

Buk Bak called Jay Q to ask for some tracks they recorded with him and he refused to give it to them because to him that wasn’t the agreement they made over the music.

In a separate chat with Jay Q, he said that he was not ready to talk about Buk Bak because they were not his target.

He also added that everyone in this country knows musicians to be ungrateful and that whatever he would say would not change anything.”I want to remain silent for now if you want to write something about me write about my new studio because am back for good with Castro, Mzbel, etc,” he lamented.

When we asked him if he had seized any of Buk Bak’s songs and also asked them to stop thanking him on radio, he said that he had no right to seize any one’s song if it belongs to them. Continuing that, he had no time for Buk Bak and not ready to talk about them.

In our effort to get Buk Bak to respond to all of these allegations, it proved futile. The issues unfold as we explore deeper into the allegations to bring all the necessary details associated with the story.

Meanwhile we have managed to get one of the songs that Jay Q refused to give out to the HipLife group from a music fan online….

Source: GhanaWeb.Com



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