Jackie Appiah meets her ‘number one’ fan, Lil Shaker

Jackie Appiah

Ghanaian rapper Lil Shaker made crazy waves in Ghana and around the world with his single and YouTube video for ‘Letter to Jackie Appiah’. The song almost immediately became the favourite of many young Ghanaians including Jackie Appiah herself. The actress revealed that she had become a fan of the song when Eddie Blay, the host of Xclusive on Metro TV surprised her with a visit from the buzzing rapper.

Jackie Appiah even mentioned some of her favourite lines from the song to the amusement of Lil Shaker and Eddie Blay. In a strange coincidence, she confirmed that ‘kelewele’ was one of his favourite foods as the song suggested.

Lil Shaker explained that the song came about when he was in the studio recording and came across the song, ‘Halle Berry (She’s Fine)’ by US rapper Hurricane Chris. So he asked himself who could he do the Ghanaian version for, and the obvious choice was Jackie Appiah.

The rapper also dispelled rumours that Jackie Appiah had paid him to do a song about her. Jackie was particularly interested about one line in the song that suggested that Lil Shaker lived in her neigbourhood; and when she asked, the rapper said he just lied about it in the song. Jackie them remarked wittily that, that was one of the few lies in the song.

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