I made a record with Pae Mu Ka and I’ll break that record myself – Obrafour

Obrafour Obrafour over the weekend broke his silence to flex newspaper disclosing his readiness to shake the music scene with his record breaking upcoming album in March this year.

Speaking to our news department on phone, he revealed that his silence in the Azonto hiplife scene does not mean he is out but only concentrating on his upcoming album which he is busily working on with his all time producer and pal Hammer of the last two fame.The rap sofo as he is affectionately called by fans hinted that what he is about to release in March is even bigger and massive than his debut album “pae mu ka” which Ghanaian hiplife lovers still have in their music archives and trunks.

According to him, he still holds that record he made with the “Pae mu ka” album and he is the only and the same artiste who can break that record. He also disclosed that his relationship with Hammer of the last two fame have never being rough. ” I don’t have any problem with Hammer and I have never had a problem with him. I know my switch or my works with some other producers or sound engineers as Ghanians called them, have given people that impression that perhaps I had a problem with him and that was why I was no more working in his camp but I must say we’ve really being good friends and our relationship have always been smooth. That is something people perceived but it has never been true.You can call him and find out from him, if I have ever had a problem with him or not,” Obrafour challenged.

The rapper who doubles as a singer noted that as a good and a talented artiste, he always have to make sure you make hits after hits and that is not something he can achieve in just days or months, he really need to take time, read the market and also make research as in what his fans want at a particular time.” I can’t just release because people are releasing. Music is my profession, I need to take time and do it well for my fans and Ghana as a country”. he added.

He promised his fans a single soon which he said it’s currently been worked on by Hammer. “I will be in an European tour in March and will release immediately I come back from the tour,” he disclosed.

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