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After being named by the President of Ghana as an Ambassador for peace at the just ended Ghana Music awards, Chemphe has been appointed by the Africa Alliance of YMCAs as the Ghanaian Music Icon to champion a developmental innovative African YMCA youth programme dubbed “Subject to Citizens”

which is a major aspect of the Africa YMCA Conference to be held in Accra from 2nd to the 9th of May, 2010.

The YMCA , a youth oriented organization that operates in 124 countries across the globe is solely concern with addressing issues that affect the youth right from its establishment in 1844.

The Subject to Citizen Initiative which is branded as S2C is a civic competence level model developed by the YMCA to empower the youth to engage with issues in their policy environment. The concept aims at creating a voice, space and an opportunity for young people to affect decision making in their various environment. This will then transform African youth from Subjects to useful and productive Citizens who then has the chance to grow up successfully, have a good paying job and enjoy life, be a good leader and a role model in his or her family and community.

Chemphe is expected to develop a song on the concept after meeting with the numerous delegates from across the continent that will make it to the conference in Accra. The song is expected to be promoted by the Africa Alliance of YMCAs to champion the course and the ideals of the S2C concept across the continent and the world. This was made known at the Launch of the conference in Accra last Saturday April 17, 2010.

It does not come as a surprise for Chemphe to be named for this project by this international Non Governmental Organization as Chemphe has been the pioneer of Ghanaian musicians composing songs that fosters development in the country. He has been involved in several projects such as the 2007 Domestic Violence Campaign with the Ministry of Women and Children Affairs and the Peace Project which gave birth to his hit song “One People” which many critics claim should have won the Music for Development Award at the just ended 11th Ghana Music Award.

The smooth silky voiced singer is currently working on his second album due to be launched in September this year. He is about to release a single off the new album dubbed Can I be which is already enjoying airplay and expected to be a big time hit. The developmental music pioneer is also working on another project with a widely known international organization.

Chemphe will then stage a huge performance of the song in Hong Kong this July where the in all African countries with a YM be meeting the YMCA delegates from across the continent and be a guide for the development of a song which will be spearheaded by him.

Source: Ameyaw Debrah



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