Buk Bak: Jay Q should blame Castro for his down fall

Buk Bak Last week Flex newspaper informed readers of a conflict between Jay Q and Buk Bak and promised to publish the side of Buk Bak after nosing out all details.

Even though the management of Buk-Bak did not take the issue lightly and threatened to sue the website which released the Buk-Bak song, Ronnie Coaches, a member of the Buk- Bak duo called our office saying that they don’t have any problem with Jay Q. He added for some time, they call Jay Q”s phone without any answers from him.

In reference to our story published last week where Jay Q was quoted to have described Buk-Bak as ingrates, Ronnie intimated that if there is any musician who has been ungrateful to Jay, it could not be them.

“If we are to talk about musicians who have been ungrateful to Jay Q I don’t think our name comes up. Why is he not talking about Castro who cannot appreciate him after bringing him from nowhere and using his own money to manage him?” he lamented.

He further said that if only Jay Q is not picking their calls because they went to record songs with other engineers then he has nothing to say about it. “Jay Q has brought up many musicians and are they all not recording with other engineers? We are working with new management and the managers decide which engineer we should record with. We don’t have any intention to be ungrateful to Jay Q.We still respect him as one who has contributed to our success in this industry” Ronnie said.

Reacting to Ronnie’s statement, Jay Q warned Buk-Bak to stop involving other artistes in the issue, adding Castro was not the only artiste in whose work he financially invested.

“If Ronnie is saying I only used my money to produce Castro but not them, can they tell me whose money was used to produce ” Gonja barracks,”, “Sikli Tele”, their first and second album etc.?” I don’t want to hit below the belt or fall into any argument with any artiste like I said. We all know in this country that musicians (artistes) are ungrateful,” Jay Q said.

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