Buk Bak denies ditching 4×4

Buk Bak Music duo, Buk Bak, has denied stories making the rounds that the group deliberately ditched music trio, 4×4, during their album launch at the Osu Oxford Street Friday, December 9.

Buk Bak is widely credited with discovering and guiding 4×4 into the phenomenal trio it is today and while Buk Bak’s name was among the list of artistes billed to perform at album launch, they failed to show up.

Soon after the successful launch of the album, which saw all the other billed artistes performing, Captain Planet, a member of 4×4 expressed his disappointment to Myjoyonline.com, saying their ‘fathers’ and mentors did not show up to support them.

He said Buk Bak did not give any indication that they were not going to turn up for the launch and was therefore surprised at their absence.

As at news time that Myjoyonline.com contacted Captain Planet, he said Buk Bak had still not contacted them to say why they failed to turn up for the launch even though they were invited. While he will not call it a sabotage, he will not rule out the possibility.

But Buk Bak refuted the claim in an interview with Myjoyonline.com. Bright Boateng popularly known as Blinks Sparkles, a member of the group said “If it’s coming from my boys (4×4) then I will be surprised …”

He explained that, “Prior to the day of the show something came up, something that we can’t disclose. I called one of the boys and told him [something urgent came up] so I wouldn’t be able to make it so I had to go take care of it out of town.” Brothers

Bright said he knew 4×4 would understand, stating “I spoke to CoDed about it, he was like cool.” Bright lamented however, “I felt disappointed myself for not showing up.”

Ronny Coaches, another member of Buk Bak quizzed, “What will Buk Bak have against 4×4?” explaining that “from day one we’ve been with them … we’ve been like brothers since day one, nothing won’t stop us from being on their show and we don’t have any misunderstanding with them.”

Bright vehemently denied having any beef with 4×4, stating “I can’t hate on my own success. This is something I started so why should I hate on my own success?”

Source: MyJoyOnline.Com



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