ASEM to release Solid Ground album

Asem The release of Asem’s much anticipated second album; SOLID GROUND has already won awards in both Ghana and neighboring Nigeria at the end of 2011. The album’s online release date is the 10th February, 2012. CDs will be available in stores on 17th February 2012.

An ambassador for education in Ghana since 2009, Asem has been collaborating with Accra Library Board in raising awareness and levels of Literacy amongst deprived children in Basic schools in Ghana.

An advocate believer of the Library Authority’s mythology behind the Education Project, Asem says that when the children adopt the reading a habit they will grow up with it and the end result is an enlightened society bringing about development.

Mr Guy Amarteifio of Accra Library Board added, “The youth are failing Basic School Examination as a result of poor reading habits. They cannot read to comprehend the question let alone answering the questions correctly.”

This cause related campaign has attracted, in particular highbrow interest from Media Representatives, Government affiliations such as the World Bank, Business Owners and Executives.

Not withstanding “SOLID GROUND” the second Album edition from Asem, has already received rave reviews from Music enthusiastic and industry with its first single “NO MORE KPAYOR” recently winning Best Hiplife Video at the 2011 4SYTE Music Video Awards followed by “Best West African Video” at the Nigeria Music video awards.

“I am now ready for the rest of the world. I am now seriously on Solid Ground,” says Asem.

Asem International Tour dates and Upcoming Performances:

March 2012 – South Africa

April 2012 – Toronto, Canada

Source: Wobedantem Records



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