Another attempt to defame ASEM

ASEM WBDN RECORDS would like to inform media houses as well as the general public know that stories circulating about Asem stealing a song is absolutely false.

The instrumental used on the ‘SHOW SOMETHING’ song featuring DJ Black and South African rapper JR was acquired by DJ Black of ToonToom Media and Joy FM with permission from Purp’man and producer of the instrumental.

There was an understanding that different artistes would be asked to use the beat and Purp’man would be featured on one of the versions which he agreed and was very exited about.

Upon release of the song, information reached WBDN Records and ToomToom media about certain people throwing insults on DJ Black and especially Asem on Blackberry and twitter for using the beat but these insults were ignored because there was permission to use the beat.

WBDN records therefore got in touch with one Kweku Okanta, manager of Purp’man who was championing the reign of insults.

After several unpleasant insults from Kweku Okanta to Kofi Korang Director of WBDN Records almost as if it was intentional provocation, Director of WBDN Records who felt Kweku was being very unprofessional, immediately asked Kweku for his business case because WBDN records has no time for insults and name calling.

Kweku then asked for a specified amount of money as was expected saying that Asem is a big artiste and he has been told by some people in Ghana that Asem has endorsement deals. He also added that there were some media people who are eager to publish articles and give Asem bad press if WBDN records didn’t comply.

There was also threats to sue Asem for copyright infringement. This being a preferred course of action for WBDN records, Kofi Korang asked for copyright details from Kweku Okanta and also asked WBDN records agents in the USA and UK to search the worldwide repertoire database and find out if there is a Purp’man or a track title Mr. Okanta claims to have copyrights to. There is no such record.

Upon realizing that the plot had failed Kweku Okanta then revealed that the issue was not something he really wanted to pursue. He added there are some ’journalists’ and celebrities in Ghana who are making moves and putting pressure on him and Purp’man to act as such.

He added Purp’man is still eager to work with Asem and DJ Black in the future.

This is not the first time people have tried to defame Asem. From the onset of Asem’s career his management has been receiving complaints from some DJs that they sometimes get threatening calls telling them to stop playing Asem’s music.

In Dec 2010 WBDN received an anonymous call saying that there was a group of people in the entertainment industry plotting something really malicious against Asem.

WBDN therefore would like to use this medium to let people know that Asem who is currently promoting his new album SOLID GROUND with hit single Bye Bye featuring Kwabena Kwabena is focused on his goal of international acclaim and has no time to meddle in schemes and plots against him as an artiste.

Source: Wobedatem Records



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